• Michelle McCoy

The 4 Easy Steps to Killer Ideas

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Stuck with no ideas? Use these 4 easy steps to help you and your team have an endless supply of ideas at your fingertips.

Ideas are the life blood of our world. Without ideas we would still be cavemen and women sitting around some logs wondering how to get warm. Ideas are essential to any and all businesses. Although the end result is important, the process of coming up with those ideas are just as important. Take a look at the 4 steps of ideation and put them to work!

“Many great business and product ideas are a combination of crazy ideas and sound concepts combined together.”

STEP #1 Write everything down

Take a look around you. There is inspiration everywhere. If you are stuck, start writing everything you see. Colors, shapes, materials. Think about why they are important, what they are made out of, why we use them, and if we can use them a different way.

Brilliant ideas might get lost if you don’t write it down right away. There is only one way to solve this: capture every idea you have on a post-it. That means keep a pack with you everywhere you go.

Don’t worry about critical thinking right now or that an idea sounds silly. Write it down!

Keep it simple...

  1. one post-it, one idea.

  2. Use markers. This will help you be concise.

  3. Be visual: sketch an idea instead of writing it down.

#2 Go for Brainstorming

The key to a good ideation session is there is no negative thinking, no “yes, but”, no nah-faces. Remember, there are no bad ideas. Designate someone to write down all the ideas. This is a great way to track ideas during sessions and across session.

Research shows that combining individual and group brainstorming leads to much better ideas. If you followed the first step, you have already come up with some ideas, crazy and not crazy. Bring those post-its to your team Ideation Session.

If you have a large group, separate into smaller brainstorming groups, then come together for a big group ideation session. Leave enough time to discuss and build upon each other’s ideas.

STEP #3 Organize an Idea Board

After you have compiled a (long) list of ideas, read through them out loud, one by one. Then start organizing them into meaningful groups. Sometimes more ideas will come, no problem! Write those down and place them in the appropriate spot.

This can be done easily on an idea board or chart on Microsoft Word. Print it out and bring it to your final Ideation Session.

STEP #4 Choose and Idea

Now, all you have to do is chose an idea that fits the criteria of what you and your team was looking for. Discuss it with your team members and pat yourselves on the back for a job well done. Keep track of all of the ideas each Ideation Session comes up with, you never know when you may need another idea.

The Take Away...

There’s no secret in idea creation. We find it all around us (which is why is it so important to have that sticky note handy). The process to facilitating ideas can be simple, but very productive.

Try it out and tell us what you think in the comments below.

Michelle McCoy has been developing and ranking websites, shopping accounts, and map listings for over fifteen years. She lives in Columbus, Ohio with "the hubby," "this kids," "the dog" and she loves her some Ohio State Football. She coaches soccer, basketball and enjoys running through the mud.



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