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How to Optimize Your Facebook Page

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Now that you’ve setup a Facebook Business Page, it’s time to optimize your Page to maximize engagement and meet your Facebook marketing goals.

There are a couple important points that you have to ensure you hit in order to optimize your Page to its fullest…

  • A Call to Action (CTA)

  • Pinned Posts

  • Tabs

  • Like other Pages

  • Review Your Settings

  • Learn from Insights

  • Link your Facebook Page

  • Get verified

"Go through this easy checklist and make sure you have completed each of the sections and watch your business grow."

Add a call to action

There are many reasons why people visit your page, and you may not be able to provide them with all the information they need. However, you can provide them with a way to get it by setting up a call-to-action (CTA) button.

Facebook’s built-in CTA button makes it incredibly easy to give the customer what they’re looking for even allowing them to engage with your business in real time.

By default, Facebook has a Send Message button, encouraging visitors to contact you through Facebook Messenger. But you can easily change this to allow visitors to learn more about your business, shop, download your app, or book an appointment.

To customize your CTA, hover your mouse over the Send Message button on your Facebook Page, then select Edit Button. Choose the type of button you want, then select the specific message to appear on the button. When you’re happy with your choice, click Next.

Depending on the button you chose, you may be asked to select some additional options. When you’re ready, click Finish and your call-to-action button will go live.

Add a Pinned Post

Is there important information you want all visitors to see? A promotion you don’t want them to miss? A top-performing piece of content you want to show off? Put it in a pinned post.

A pinned post sits at the top of your Facebook Page, just under your cover image, so it’s a great place to put an attention-grabbing item that will draw your visitors in and make them want to stick around.

Start by writing a normal post, or scrolling down your feed to find an existing one you want to pin to the top of your Page. Click the three dots on the top right of the post, then click Pin to Top of Page.

Once you’ve pinned the post, you’ll see a blue thumbtack icon in the top right corner.

Make the Most of Tabs

Tabs appear on the left-hand side of your Facebook Page. These include standard options such as the “About”, “Photos” and “Contact”. You can take your Page to the next level by adding other tabs and apps that enhance the user experience. These tabs are very similar to website tabs, so keep that in mind when organizing your Page.

Facebook tab apps, such as TabSite, allow you to build custom tabs so that you can run campaigns and contests, share special offers, and capture leads.

Like Other Pages

Since Facebook is a social network, it’s a great idea to use your Page to build a community for your business rather than viewing it as simply part of your online presence. One way to build community is to feature other Pages that are relevant to your business but are not competitors.

For example, if you have a online store that sells only cat socks, you can feature other shops that sell dog or bird socks. You can feature other businesses in your industry that provide additional value for your followers without that business competing directly with your products.

To feature a “Facebook for Business Page” in your Likes Pages section, click the more icon (three dots) under the Page’s cover photo, then click Like as Your Page. If you have more than one Facebook Business Page, choose which one you want to use to Like the other business, then click Submit.

Review your Settings

Your Facebook Page settings allows you to get very detailed with you Page. This includes who can administer your Page, where the page is visible, words banned from the page, and so on. You can also see how fans interact with your Page, including who has liked it, shared it , and much more.

Think of the Settings tab as your own special backstage coordinator. Take a few minutes to go through each setting and make sure that it’s optimized for how you want to manage the Page and how you want your audience to interact with you.

To access your settings, just click Settings at the top right of your Facebook Page.

It’s important to check your settings regularly, as your preferences and requirements may change as your business, and social following, grows.

Learn from Page Insights

The more information you have about your audience, the better you can meet their needs. Facebook’s Page Insights makes it easy to gather data about how your fans are interacting with your Page and the content you share.

Insights gives you information about your Page’s overall performance, including data on audience demographics and engagement. You can see metrics on your posts so you can understand how many people you’re reaching. You’ll also see how many comments and reactions are gained from specific posts—data that helps you plan future content.

A key feature of Insights is the ability to see how many people have clicked on your call-to-action button, website, phone number, and address. This data is divided by demographics such as age, gender, country, city, and device, making it easier for you to tailor future content to your audience.

Link to Your Facebook Page from Other Web Pages

Backlinks help boost the credibility of your Facebook Business Page and may help improve your search engine ranking.

Simply link to your brand’s Facebook Page wherever you can. Include a link at the bottom of your blog posts and where appropriate on your website. Encourage other companies and bloggers to do the same whenever possible, such as when sharing content or mentioning your business.

Get Verified

The coveted verification badge shows visitors to your Facebook Page that you’re legit—so they can be confident they’re dealing directly with your brand and not with an impostor.

There are two types of Facebook verification badges (red and blue), so you want to make sure you apply for the right one.

Blue verification badge

If you are a public figure, media company, or large brand, you can apply for the blue verification badge.

Gray verification badge

This is for smaller or local businesses. For businesses with multiple brick and mortar shops and a Facebook Page for each, you can add the gray verification badge to Pages for specific locations.

You’ll need to ensure your company information is up-to-date and you have high-quality photos, content with correct grammar, and fits your brand’s voice. Make sure all of your details in the “About Me” section are correct and your links are active.

Now all you need to do is go through the verification process:

It’s a simple 5-step process...

  1. Click on Settings at the top of your Facebook Page

  2. From the General menu, click the Page Verification selection

  3. Click on Verify this Page, then Get Started

  4. You 2 options: Instant and Detailed. Choose one.

  5. Once Facebook receives your validation (verification code or business document) they will review and either confirm or deny your request. This process usually takes anywhere from 48 hours to 45 days.

The Take Away...

Optimizing your Facebook Page is just as important as optimizing your website. This is your connection to the world...potential, current and past clients. You want it to be as perfect as possible. Go through this easy checklist and make sure you have completed each of the sections and watch your business grow.

Michelle McCoy has been developing and ranking websites, shopping accounts, and map listings for over fifteen years. She lives in Columbus, Ohio with "the hubby," "the kids," "the dog" and she loves her Ohio State Football. She coaches youth soccer, basketball and enjoys running through the mud.



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