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Imagine starting 2019 with a flood of sales

Just Imagine... many sales you can hardly keep up. You hear the ding of your inbox with another purchase email. And then another…and another. Picture customers buying from you again and again.

It would be like having a mysterious profit faucet that you can turn on and off at will, confounding your competitors at every turn.

You’re thinking, it sounds too good to be true. But what if it was good and true? Would you want to know more?

Our Google & Bing shopping services increase your sales because we use little known algorithms to put your product in front of the perfect target audience ready to buy your product.

This Shop made $3,248.90 in just 30 days 

Take the team at The Meow Shop. They made $2,410 in sales in six months. They tried Facebook ads, setting up shop in animal shows and talking with vets. Nothing worked. Just a couple family members and friends buying their products. The owners were desperately looking for something to get their shop off the ground. They were spending a lot of money for zero results.

After contacting us, we checked out their marketing techniques and Shopify store and saw some problems that was setting them up for failure. We added search-engine smart descriptions to their products and made their site more-user friendly. We marketed their site using our little known algorithms that put their product in front of an interested (and ready to buy) target audience.

Within 30 days they made $3,248.90 and they were just getting started! In the first thirty days, they made more than they had in the last sixth months. After three months, they had netted over $10,000 in profits (yes, profits!)


Now the owners are working their business full-time, steadily increasing their sales month after month. They focus on running their thriving business, while we work behind the scene, quietly sending thousands of interested customers to their site.

Are You Ready to Increase

Your Sales?

Ready to take your Shopify store to a whole other level?

This means more visitors, more sales, and more money in your pocket. 


Think about what you would do with extra money? Put it back into your business? Take a much needed vacation? Finally quit your job and do what you love full-time?

You Need Shopify Experts not a Full-Service Agency

Would you go to a general practitioner if you hurt your foot? No! You would go to a foot doctor, someone who specializes in giving you the right kind of treatment for your foot. So if you won't go to just any doctor to heal your foot, why would you use an over-priced do-it-all (kinda) marketing agency?

There is incredible value in working with a team of Shopify eCommerce experts...compared to a do-it-all general ad agency. We know Shopify inside and out. And we know how to get customers to your web store or site. And not just any old customers to get your viewing numbers high to look good, we send you targeted, ready-to-buy customers.

Skip the Overpriced Ad Agencies and Quickly Increase Your Profits

Our Plans Start at a low $149. Other ad agencies cost $500 or more per month and they might put out a couple Facebook ads. We're different because we take out all the guess work. Tell us about your product and we do the rest. Easy. We set up your campaigns and provide full-service management, taking all of the work out of your hands and maximizing your ROI.

We focus on where the customers are. 93% of people are using Google to search for products just like yours, we use Google & Bing Shopping to ensure when people are looking for a product like yours, your product is the one they see.

After the small monthly fee, we won't on commission. We ask a commission of only 3% of sales  every month. It's a win-win for both of us. We make more when you make more.

Sign Up Today to  Increase Sales.

100% Risk Free.

Simple Pricing because It Works

Small Monthly Fee + 3% = Increased Profits for You
Risk-Free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If we do not meet your performance goals, we will refund the last payment you have paid to us within the first 30 days. We are willing to lift all the risk off your shoulders and place it firmly on ours. 

Because we are

performance-based. . .

we only take on 10 clients per month 

Because of the performance-based and highly-time consuming, we only take on 10 clients per month. We ensure we deliver on our promise of increasing targeted customers to your store or site.

Once we reach ten clients, we won't be taking on any new clients. 

Sign Up Today to  Increase Sales.

100% Risk Free.


We Want YOU to Make Money

Imagine within just 30 days, hearing the ding ding ding of product sales.

Ready to take the first step and sell more products?

Choose a package and get started now. 
Risk-Free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If we do not meet your performance goals, we will refund the last payment you have paid to us within the first 30 days. We are willing to lift all the risk off your shoulders and place it firmly on ours.